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Why You Should Get a Tear Off and Replacement in Troy Michigan

Is it time to get a new roof on your Troy Michigan home? There are many reasons why a roof can fail and start to leak. Getting a new roof on your home has some options however that many home owners are never aware of. Because many roofing contractors will only promote the roofing method that makes them the most money you may not even be aware there are two separate methods for roof replacement in Troy Michigan. The first method is re-roofing and the second method is tear off and replacement. While both roofing methods will leave you with a new roof at the end of the project the cost of each are different and also the quality of the project is also different. There are actually advantages and disadvantages of each which I’ll go over more clearly in the article below.

Re-Roofing Your Troy Michigan Home

If you choose to have your home re-roofed chances are you’ll likely pay less for the roof replacement. This is because the old roof is not removed from the home. The new roof is simply attached directly on top of the old roof. You will not be able to see the old roof and the new roof will look good in most cases however there could be some problems with this sort of install. The first is that you’re adding a tremendous amount of weight to the roof. While your roof was designed to hold one layer of shingles adding a new layer of shingles will add additional weight to the roof. While this usually is not a problem you may have structural issues with your home that can be worrisome. Adding more than two layers of shingles is dangerous and is currently not allowed by building codes in Michigan. So if your home already has two layers of shingles you’ll need a tear off and replacement in Troy Michigan rather than a re-roof. Since the home was re-roofed before the tear off and replacement will likely cost more as well.

When you Get a Tear Off and Replacement of Your Roof

The other option of getting a new roof in Troy Michigan is completely removing the old roofing materials from the roof. So stripping the roofing materials off the roof to expose the roof decking is done and this is called tear off and replacement roofing. Since you are basically getting all the old roofing materials removed you don’t have the weight issues like you do with a re-roof. Typically, getting a tear off and replacement is more expensive than getting a re-roof but it can help you in many other ways.

There are some advantages of getting a tear off and replacement roof and it’s mainly because it allows the roofing contractor to better inspect the underlying roofing materials. When you have problems in the roof decking they can easily be found and replaced which may not be readily accessible when you get a re-roof. Another advantage of getting a tear off and replacement is that you don’t transfer the bumps and rises that are present in the old roof over to the new roof. Because the old roof is not removed in a re-roof these problems are usually evident in the new roof.

There is usually an extra day needed when you get a tear off and replacement of your old roof in Troy Michigan. Because the old roof needs to be removed the roofing project is much more labor intensive. There is also more cleanup time needed because more debris will need to be removed from the home.

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