Saturday, August 6, 2016

Find Commercial Roofing Service in Troy Michigan

A commercial roof is usually much different than a residential roof. Typically, most commercial roofs are much larger and the roofing materials used are different. Even if the roofing materials look the same it’s likely that are constructed differently. For instance, residential and commercial roofing can be made of metal roofing. And although they may look exactly the same to the naked eye they can be quite different. Usually, metal roofing installed on commercial applications are thicker and stronger. You can’t judge this thickness simply by looking at the metal roofing but you’ll need a micrometer to determine the thickness. Although this example doesn’t apply to every situation and difference between residential and commercial roofing it does show you that they can be different even though they seem the same.

It’s much of the same with roofing contractors. If you have a commercial roofing project that you need to have roof repairs performed on or you need a completely new roof installation on that commercial building it’s important that you use a commercial roofing company. Troy Roofing Pros offers residential and commercial services in the Troy Michigan area. We are fully equipped to handle commercial roofing with the right equipment and tools to make sure your commercial project is done correctly and to specifications.

Don’t hire a roofing contractor that only does residential roofing projects to complete your commercial roofing project. Chances are they will not be familiar with the roofing systems being used and they also won’t have the needed equipment to properly perform the new roof installation or to conduct roof repairs on your commercial roof. Tar roofs are one of the problem areas where many roofing contractors have problems. You must be equipped to heat large amounts of tar to properly install a new tar and gravel roof. Troy Roofing Pros is fully equipped to handle a tar and gravel roof and can repair and install a new tar and gravel roof if needed.

Troy Roofing Pros is a Full Service Roofing Contractor

At Troy Roofing Pros we are fully staffed with experienced roofers who have decades of experience working on roofs in the Troy Michigan area. In fact, we’ve been in business for more than 20 years in both the residential and commercial roofing applications. We have roofing experts in many of the different roofing systems that are being used today on residential and commercial properties. Troy Roofing Pros also conducts most of the roof repairs and new roof installations themselves so you don’t need to deal with a middle man that will drive up your roofing costs. We can deal directly with you on your roofing project in Troy Michigan.

Troy Roofing Pros is Fully Qualified for Commercial Roofing Repairs and Installations in Troy Michigan

There are many roofing companies in Troy Michigan but it’s very important that you only use qualified roofing contractors for your roofing repairs or new roof installations. By not using a certified installer for your roofing system you may void the warranty. By using a certified and qualified roofing contractor you’re much better protected. Troy Roofing Pros are fully licensed, certified, insured, and bonded for residential and commercial roofing projects in the Troy Michigan area. If you have a roof problem we are a fully qualified roofing contractor that can handle repairs or installation. We have experts that are qualified on many of the roofing systems being used today. Even some of the latest technologies being developed for roofing systems including rubber roofs are covered. Troy Roofing Pros are the best roofing contractor in Troy Michigan.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Ready to get started on your roof repair or new roof installation on commercial applications? If so, use the contact details below to get more information and to contact Troy Roofing Pros. You can also request a free roof estimate on your roofing project to get a better understanding on price.

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