Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are You Having Problems with Your Roof? It Could Be Time for a New Roof Installation in Troy MI

Has your roof started leaking as of late and you’re tired of getting it repaired over and over again? Sometimes it’s best to get a new roof installation in Troy Michigan rather than repairing it over and over again. It may cost a little more up front but it will likely save you money in the long run. At Troy Roofing Pros we offer new roof installation at great prices and we can usually install a new roof in the Troy Michigan are in less than two days. We even have super fast service where sometimes it only takes a day to get your new roof installed. Of course, it will depend on many factors including home size, type of roofing, etc..

We can handle any roofing system that is made today. Our roofing experts have experience in a wide range of roofing systems.  We can service and install shingle roofs, metal roofs, tar and gravel roofs, rubber roofs, roll roofing, and other types of roofing. Since we have such an experienced staff at Troy  Roofing Pros we can service, maintain, repair, and install all of these roofing systems in the Troy Michigan area. If you need a new roof installation in Troy Michigan then it’s time to contact Troy Roofing Pros.

Get a Free Estimate for a New Roof Installation in Troy Michigan

Don’t know what a new roof will cost for your home? Don’t worry, at Troy Roofing Pros we offer a free roof estimate service that can determine exactly how much your roof will cost before we begin any work. One of our professional roofers will come to your home and discuss information regarding your roof. We’ll give you options on roofing types, colors, and warranties available. Once you’ve made a decision on what you’ll want at your home we’ll give you a free estimate of what the new roof installation would cost. You aren’t obligated to hire us if you only want an estimate. You may also be able to get estimates from other roofing companies but be warned many time they are not free and you may be charged just for the other roofing company to show up. At Troy Roofing Pros we always offer a free roofing estimate because we want our customers to know exactly what the project will cost and also how long it will take.

 Use a Proven Leader in Roofing in Troy Michigan

Troy Roofing Pros have been in the roofing industry for more than 20 years and we have many experienced roofers on our staff. In fact, we have decades of combined experience in the roofing industry in both commercial and residential roofing systems. We also have that experience with all sorts of roofing systems that are on the market today.

We have been voted number 1 for our customer service and we’d love to speak with you about your roofing needs. We service the Troy Michigan and surrounding areas and have been a member of this community for many years. Contact us today and let us show you why are have been voted number 1 in customer service in the Troy Michigan area.

Our Roofers are Licensed and Insured

Having a roofing company install your roofing system that isn’t qualified or certified by the manufacturer can lead to all sorts of problems later. Some manufacturers will not warranty products that were not installed by properly certified companies and installers. This could leave your warranty void if you don’t use certified installers. At Troy Roofing Pros we are certified installers of many of the roofing systems we offer. We are also fully licensed and insured in the Troy Michigan area. We can discuss with you the warranties and such about your roof during the initial contact if you like. Simply contact Troy Roofing Pros for more information today.

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