Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Should You Opt for a Tear Off and Replacement for Your Troy Michigan Home?

Need  a new roof installed on your home? There are many choices you’ll be exposed to when you get a new roof installed on your home. Today’s roofing systems come in all sorts of styles and colors. You can literally have hundreds of choice combinations available to you. From the latest styles and designs of shingles and metal roofing to the colors that are available and shading options. You’ll even have a few choices in warranties and materials but the one  choice that can impact your roof the most is whether you’ll get a re-roof for the roof installation or a complete tear off and installation of the new roof in Troy Michigan.

The two roofing methods are different but they provide a similar result which is your home having a new roof installed. At Troy RoofingPros we can re-roof your home or do a complete tear off and installation. There are some advantages and disadvantages to both which I’ll go over in more detail in this article. If you’re unclear about any of the details offered here you can always contact Troy Roofing Pros for details on each method and to also get a free roof estimate for either roofing method used in Troy Michigan.

You may have heard the term re-roof before but I wanted to better clarify what it means to re-roof a home. When a re-roof is done it means an added layer of asphalt shingles are placed on top of the existing roof. The shingles that are currently installed on the roof are left in place and the new layer is simply nailed to the top of them. There is less work in a re-roof because the old shingles aren't removed which reduces the cost of labor. Also less debris is removed and this may also save money on the roof installation. The price of a re-roof is generally lower than the cost of a complete tear off and installation because of these factors. Many people who are on a budget opt for re-roofing their home instead of tear off and replacement.

There are some disadvantages to getting a re-roof. One of those disadvantages is that the old shingles are left in place it's not possible to inspect the roof decking and areas around roof penetrations. So if there is a problem with the roof decking either in the sheeting or roof penetrations it can cause premature failure in the new roof that is installed. At Troy Roofing Pros we make every effort to inspect and find any problems in the old roof to better protect your home for further roof failures. You can also only add two layers of shingles to a roof so if your home has already been re-roofed previously you’ll need to get a complete tear off and replacement of the new roof.

To get a roof that is fully inspected then you’ll need to opt for the tear off and replacement of the new roof in Troy Michigan. A tearoff and installation can help the roofing contractor find underlying problems with the  structure of the roof. When you choose a tear off and installation of your new roof the old shingles and felt moisture barrier are removed and discarded properly. The roof is stripped down with all layers of shingles removed and the roof decking exposed. This allows for a complete inspection of the roof and if there is any issues what so ever they could be repaired and addressed before the new roof goes into place.

At Troy Roofing Pros we can provide both roofing methods for your home in Troy Michigan. Either re-roofing or complete tear off and installation Troy Roofing Pros is the best roofing contractor in Troy Michigan. Let us prove it to you by giving you a free roof estimate for your new roof installation. Contact us today for more information.

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