Thursday, June 30, 2016

Roof Repair for Flat Roofs in Troy Michigan

Most residential homes in Troy Michigan have a pitched roof. Whereas most commercial buildings have a flat roof. There are exceptions to this rule however and neither is required for residential or commercial applications. In fact, in Troy Michigan there are homes with flat roofs and also commercial buildings with pitched roofs. Troy Roofing Pros can service, install, and repair both pitched roofs and flat roofs in Troy Michigan. In fact, we are the number 1 roofing contractor in Troy Michigan for both of these roofing systems.

The difference in Flat Roofs and Pitched Roofs

There are differences in a flat roofs and pitched roof and it goes beyond the angle of the roof. Obviously a flat roof is and appears to be flat and a pitched roof is more at an angle. However, there are other differences in these types of roofing systems and how a roofing contractor approaches problems with these roofs can explain a lot about their experience with each roofing system.

A pitched roof typically isn’t sealed to the point that if water were to somehow stay on the roof a pitched roof would not be able to keep the water out of the home in most cases. Because the water runs on the roof and doesn’t stay it actually doesn’t need to be water tight in a sense. Asphalt shingles are laid in a pattern to always keep the water running on top. For metal roofing used on pitched roofs the seams in the metal are raised to keep the break in the metal out of the path of running water.

A flat roof is much different because in a torrential rain storm water can actually build up on the roof and the roof needs to be water tight and be able to withstand a few inches of water that may collect on the roof temporarily. Most flat roofs have an overflow that is used when the rain is very heavy for extended periods of time so that too much water is not build up on the roof. But the key here is that the roof needs to be water tight and if it’s not and installed like a pitched roof you could have huge problems with the roof.

Using Rubber Roofing on Flat Roofs

One of the more common types of flat roofing today is rubber roofing. Rubber roofing is laid out like sheets and then glued together at the seams. This creates a large sheet of rubber which completely covers the roof of the home or commercial building. It makes the flat roof completely water proof so even if water was to collect on the roof the home or building would be protected because it is water tight.

At Troy Roofing Pros we have decades of experience in all sorts of roofing materials used in Troy Michigan today. There are many other forms of flat roofing materials that are used including tar and gravel roofing systems and also one roofing material that is gaining popularity metal roofing. Since metal roofing needs much less fall angle than asphalt shingles it’s commonly used on home that have flat roofs or very low angle pitched roofs. Metal roofing only needs an inch of fall over eighteen feet for some metal roofing and only 1 inch for 24 feet of metal roofing for some model roofing.

No matter what style of roofing you’re interested in there is one clear choice for your roofing contractor in Troy Michigan and that is Troy Roofing Pros. We have been voted number 1 year over year for our commitment to customer service. We make sure each and every one of our customers are completely satisfied with the work we provide. We also provide service after the sale in case there is a problem with your roof or the repair we install. Contact Troy Roofing Pros today for help with your flat roof problems.

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