Monday, June 6, 2016

Find a Commercial Roofing Contractor in Troy Michigan You Can Trust

Commercial roofing systems are much different than residential roofing systems. They are usually made or installed using different materials and also different quality of materials. For instance, metal roofing is installed on both residential and commercial buildings but the commercial metal roofing is much different than the residential roofing materials. The commercial is likely more rigid and made from a thicker metal. Commercial buildings usually have a flat roof which means that water will likely be present on the roofing system longer causing the fasteners to be made from more quality material. For residential customers with homes that have pitched roofs this isn’t a problem because the water exits almost immediately.

For commercial building owners in Troy Michigan finding a reputable roofing contractor is much easier than you might think. At Troy Roofing Pros we offer roofing service for commercial buildings. We also offer roof repairs and new roof installations for commercial buildings as well. We have extensive knowledge and experience when working with commercial roofing systems and are accustomed to the many different materials that are used in today’s commercial roofs. Troy Roofing Pros can provide service on many of the following roofing systems.

Rubber Roll Roofing Systems and Asphalt Roll Roofing

The more environmentally friendly roofing system is being used more and more on commercial applications. Roll roofing was generally used with asphalt roofing although roll roofing has been around some time. But now roll roofing incommercial uses is normally done with rubber roofing. The rubber roofing is made from a rubber based material and is exceptionally strong and flexible enabling it give when needed. It’s placed on the roof and each layer is sealed to the last layer making it a full sheet of rubber roofing covering the roof. This rubber sheet seals the roof and totally makes the roof water. When there is a problem with the roof after and a hole grows it’s simple to mend the roof much like mending a rubber inner tube. Rubber roll roofing is becoming increasing popular over the last decade because it is more energy efficient too.

Commercial Roofs Made from Tar with Gravel Added

Among the oldest kinds of roofing systems that is still used on many roofs that are commercial is the tar roof with gravel added to the roof. This kind of roofing system continues to provide covering for many of the commercial buildings in the Troy Michigan region and continues to be in use for many decades. And it continues to be used today for many commercial buildings. The roofing system made with tar and added gravel is implemented by first putting a foundation down that's contoured in a sense that produces the water drain from the roof into drainage pipes or gutters. After this initial foundation is placed the pitch is then warmed into a consistency of syrup so it can be spread onto the roof. It’s subsequently put on the roof top once the pitch is warmed in a big machine called a pot. The pitch being hot and liquid seeps into cracks and crevices . The pitch is applied over the entire base and completely makes a water tight seal on the roof. Once the tar is almost dried gravel is subsequently applied to the roof to help with drainage of the roof and also to give more rigidity to the tar. Once the pitch fully cools down which may just take a few hours the roof is then complete and the commercial building shielded again from your components. Having a commercial roofing business like Troy Roofing Pros do such a roof demands them to have the gear move and to warm the tar which Troy Roofing Professionals has.

Many other types of roofs are also included in the Troy Roofing Pros service as well including metal roofing which I went over earlier in the article. If you need commercial roofing service in Troy Michigan then it’s best to call the experts at Troy Roofing Pros today and speak with one of their roof experts.

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