Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Taking Care of Your Roof with Roofing Maintenance in Troy Michigan

Taking care of your roof is something that most people over look but getting a roofing maintenance done on your roof is very important. By having a regular schedule for roofing maintenance in Troy Michigan for your home or business you can find problems and fix them before they start to do real damage to your roof. Finding these problems and fixing them can help stop bigger problems from happening but roofing maintenance can also help to prolong your roof.

There are many different types of roofing systems that are in use today and each of these roofing systems have different methods for roofing maintenance. Because some roofing systems require more roofing maintenance than others it’s a good idea to talk with a roofing specialist about your roof for more details and setting up a schedule. At Troy RoofingPros we can give you a roofing inspection in Troy Michigan that can help you locate any potential problems and repair them. But we can also help you get on a roofing maintenance schedule to help your roof last longer and stop any more potential damage from occurring. We’ll inspect the roof and see if all the seals and roofing material is in good shape and if there is a problem our roofing experts can fix it.

Many times there are things that constantly need to be replaced on your roof over time. These items can make other areas of your roof have problems when they are not properly maintained. Usually, an annual roofing maintenance schedule is needed to reseal areas and to basically inspect all the different components of the roofing system to be sure they are working properly. The more items you have on your roof however the more likely quicker inspections will be needed. For instance, if your HVAC system is located on your roof or you have a patio or sun deck installed on the roof it’s likely to need inspections and regular maintenance more often than once per year.

Knowing when to get a roofing maintenance schedule done on your home is important and keeping your roof in proper working order from these roofing maintenance schedules can help. Roofing inspections done when you have regular roofing maintenance is important to stop problems before they become disasters. Here is an example of how a roofing inspection and regular roofing maintenance can help you with your roof.

Imagine you had a chimney in your living room that went through the second floor up to the roof and out the house. Now what happens when the chimney starts to leak simply because a small repair wasn’t done around the chimney. A severe rain storm hits and water starts to enter the home. The damage to the upstairs room will likely include ceiling and wall damage along with damage to the flooring and carpet. The water will continue to travel down the side of the chimney and walls making it’s way into your living room. From there damage to the walls and ceiling will be done along with any damage to the flooring of the living room. Sometimes furniture and electronics will also be damaged if the moisture is in a direct path. You can also have electrical damage if the water entered into electrical outlets and such. And all of this can be started by just a small leak in your roof. A leak that a regular roofing maintenance schedule may have been able to stop. This is one reason why getting regular roofing inspections in Troy Michigan is so important and keeping your home in a roofing maintenance schedule in Troy Michigan can save you so much money and problems.

At Troy Roofing Pros we can give you a roofing maintenance package that includes regular roofing inspections for your home. We also have commercial roofing maintenance available. Contact us today if you’re ready to keep your roof in good working order.

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