Friday, April 29, 2016

Is Your Roof Leaking? Get Roof Repair from Troy Roofing Pros

For more than two decades Troy Roofing Pros has been servicing the roofs in the Troy Michigan area. We offer exceptional service and quality work with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Not only will we make sure your roof is repaired and quality work is done but we’ll also make sure you are completely satisfied with the work we provide. We are number 1 in the Troy Michigan area in customer service and we’d be glad to show you why if you need roof repair in Troy Michigan.

When Your Roof Leaks Problems Can Occur Elsewhere in your Home

When your roof starts leaking it’s not just the roof that suffers. Of course, the decking on the roof will be the first thing affected by any sort of leak in your roof. Constant leaking even if it’s a small leak can start to cause problems with the decking. The decking is the wood that is located under the shingles or metal roofing that is installed. Most times, this decking is not water resistant and if it comes in contact with water it will start to rot and eventually fail. Having a water leak will certainly affect the decking however, most times a leak that is found after only once or twice leaking will not result in damage that needs to be repaired when it comes to the decking of the roof.

Ceilings and Walls Can Be Damaged by Roof Leaks as Well

As the roof leaks and water enters the home there are many other problems that can occur as well. Once water starts to enter the home at a more substantial rate it can have damaging effects on ceilings and walls as well. Initially the damage will only be stains which will appear as brown shading on the ceilings and walls. The water actually damages the drywall that is used in ceilings and walls. This water damage can cause it to be much weaker as well especially when it’s wet. Many times ceilings will start to fall to pieces if it becomes saturated enough. And if the water damage is not bad enough to make it crumble or fall it only takes a small amount of water to make it stain which will still be there even after the water has dried and the roof has been fixed. That’s one reason why getting roof repair in Troy Michigan is so important as soon as it starts rather than waiting around and Troy RoofingPros can provide that service for you.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

With any water leak in your home if it continues and doesn’t get fixed it could lead to standing moisture in the home. When moisture continues to be in the home like this it can promote mold growth in the home. Mold growth in the home can be very dangerous for you and your family and you may need to hire mold remediation specialists just to get it removed from the home. A small roof leak can lead to this sort of problem in your home. It allows water to consistently enter the home into areas that are usually not frequented enough to even notice like in an attic.

Are You Ready for Roof Repair in Troy Michigan?

If you’re ready to get your roof repaired in Troy Michigan then it’s time to contact Troy Roofing Pros. We’ll conduct a full roofing inspection to find out exactly what the problem with your roof is. We’ll also make recommendations to you on what your next steps should be. We’ll also discuss any options you may have when it comes to your roof so that you get the right repair for your home. At Troy Roofing Pros we’re focused on customer satisfaction so we want you to be completely satisfied with the work we provide. Contact us today if you need roof repair in Troy Michigan.

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