Monday, May 9, 2016

Add a Metal Roof over Your Current Shingle Roof in Troy Michigan

Metal roofs are gaining lots of popularity lately. But for home owners that currently have a shingle roof in Troy Michigan it may seem out of reach to add a metal roof to their homes. Fortunately, you can add a metal roof to your home even if you currently have a shingle roof installed. For home owners who live in the Troy Michigan area the company that can do this for you is Troy Roofing Pros. We specialize in adding metal roofing to your Troy Michigan home and we have been in business for more than two decades. When you need a metal roof installed on your home, your first call should be to Troy Roofing Pros.

How Does Metal Roofing Work with Shingles Already Installed?

When you decide to add a metal roof to your existing asphalt shingle roof there first needs to be an inspection of the current roof. Troy Roofing Pros offers free inspections. The inspector will need to make sure the roof decking is in good condition and that it will support the weight of the metal roof once it’s installed. During the inspection the roofing expert may remove some shingles to determine key areas that may need addressing before installation. Once any problems have been solved and areas that needed more support added then you can start adding the components of the metal roofing.

On many homes, there needs to be slats of wood placed on the current roof. This is common but not always a necessity and some homes will be able to skip this step. The slats of wood give the metal something to be fastened to and also makes for a more even roof when all the sheets of metal are placed. Once the slats are in place and secured then it’s time to start putting the metal roofing on. Each sheet is laid into place then fastened using screws to the slats or to the roof decking. Many times, longer screws will be used to secure the metal to both for better support. Each piece is laid into place and adjoined with the last one. When there are roof penetrations the metal will need to be cut and the penetration sealed properly using boots or other sealing method.

Once all the metal is in place the roofing company will then add any trim work to the metal. This can be end pieces and ridge caps to make the roof more aesthetically pleasing and also seal up any areas that may allow rain to enter. Your roof should then be secure and ready to protect your home and family from the rain and snow that Mother Nature brings here in Michigan.

Although the process may sound simple it’s very easy to make a mistake when adding metal to your home. Allowing one sheet of metal to be laid out of place or misaligned and you can ruin the entire roof and all the metal that was installed after the bad sheet of metal. That’s why it’s important to get a qualified roofing contractor to put the metal on for you and to inspect your roof before the metal is installed. At Troy Roofing Pros we can inspect your current roof and locate any problem areas before you install any metal. We can also install your metal roofing system for you at very competitive prices. In fact, we offer a free roofing estimate in Troy Michigan so if you’re curious about getting a metal roof installed on your current asphalt shingle roof then give us a call. We’d be glad to discuss any options you may have and give you a free roof estimate as well.

Troy Roofing Pros puts our customers first. We’ve been voted number 1 by our past customers on quality of service. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the roof you want at a price you can afford.

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