Friday, July 29, 2016

New Roof Installation in Troy Michigan Now Has Many Different Options to Choose From

Getting a new roof installation on your home in Troy Michigan once meant just putting the same roof back on the home as once was on it. While that option is available there are many other options that are now available as well. There are many different roofing materials and products you can now choose to be installed on your roof in Troy Michigan. You can also choose what technique will be used to install the new roof. I’ll go over these options below and give you more details.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Find the Best Roofing Contractor in Troy Michigan

There are hundreds of roofing contractors in and around the Troy Michigan area. And although having hundreds of roofing contractors may seem like a good idea it may allow others to choose a roofing contractor that simply doesn’t live up to the hype that they portray. Finding a roofing contractor that gives you a good, competitive price as well as service done to perfection is more difficult than many may think. While some roofing contractors may deliver on a lower price their service may be less than desired. Also they may give excellent service only to charge much more for their service. There are only a few roofing contractors that deliver the best service as well as very competitive pricing. Troy Roofing Pros is one of those roofing contractors. In fact, Troy Roofing Pros is the best roofing contractor in Troy Michigan and here’s why.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Best Roofing Company in Troy MI: What They Have to Offer You!

When you need roof repairs and replacements in Troy, Michigan, calling Troy Roofing Pros should be your first choice. We offer all sorts of services to help protect your home’s roof and your family inside. Although we are a roofing company and the majority of our work is done to roofing there are other areas where we also provide service and repair. The following services are offered by Troy Roofing Pros.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What Roof Type Should You Choose For Your Troy Michigan Home

There are many different roof types that are available in the Troy Michigan area. Although there are hundreds of different styles and colors for each the few roof types that are most common in Troy Michigan is the Asphalt shingle roof and the metal roof. Although there are more roof types available and in use in the Troy Michigan area the asphalt shingle roof type and the metal roof type make up about 95% of all residential roofs in the Troy Michigan area. At Troy Roofing Pros we have decades of experience with asphalt roofing and metal roofing. Our roofing experts can interchange one roof for another if you prefer. We can also service, repair, and install a new roof using any of the roof materials being used in Troy Michigan today. This may include not so common roofing types as well including rubber roofing and tar roofs. Whatever style or material your roof is made from Troy Roofing Pros can help to service, maintain, repair, or replace the roof. Here are some of the more common roof types in Troy Michigan.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Importance of Roof Inspections in Troy Michigan

Protecting your home from the rain, wind, snow, and even the sunlight is something that your home’s roof does each and every day. Unfortunately, however, most home owners never think about their roof or even what shape it might be in. They simply ignore the roof until there is some sort of major problem like a leak occurring from the roof then they consider getting it fixed. Waiting this long to get a roof repaired likely means you’ll have many other problems and damages inside your home which may have been avoided if the home owner had gotten a roof inspection from Troy Roofing Pros. Getting a roof inspection in Troy Michigan is the best way to protect your roof from problems and Troy Roofing Pros is the best roofing contractor that offers roof inspections on both residential homes and commercial buildings.